Weekly Premium
10.00 every month

Much like the premium snapchat. Includes a lingerie mobile wallpaper & desktop photo for you to keep each and every month! It includes 18+ content delivered to you via snapchat once per week, rather than daily. This tier is for those who want to enjoy all the fun & keep things easy on the wallet. :)


Premium Snapchat
20.00 every month

With this level you get access to premium snap story which includes videos and messages sent to you directly.   I post nearly daily and generally, content appears multiple times through a story...we'll share my naughty adventures!  This tier is designed to keep you satisfied each and every day.  Premium also includes a monthly nude wallpaper & desktop background! 


What's Your Fantasy?
40.00 every month

Have a fetish?  A fantasy?  Whether it's daddy's baby girl, a pretty little kitty, hot trans mistress, or whatever it might be that makes you tick, this tier is for you.  Once a week, I'll take your request for exactly what you're looking for & bring it to life.  And just like Premium, each month nude wallpapers & backgrounds are always included!  So tell me...what's your fantasy?

Ellie Dee Loyalty
50.00 every month

Just can't get enough of Ellie Dee?  No worries, this tier includes everything from Premium, including all snap content & increases the wallpapers, background, and nude shoots to once a week!  Also, once a month, I'll let you request a custom sexy snap sent just to you!  All the Ellie, all the time, what could be better?

The Girlfriend Experience
75.00 every month

Ever wondered what it's like to date a nerdy, cute trap? Wonder no more!

With this level you get everything the Premium tier has to offer, and my personal phone number. I'll text you daily and make sure you get the attention you've been needing. There's a little extra special touch that comes from dating me. Let me show you what I mean <3